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  • Plastic Film Box
    Plastic Film Box
  • 35mm film box
    35mm film box
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    10 rolls film box
  • keeps films safe
    keeps films safe
  • Proof Plastic film box
    Proof Plastic film box

Film Case for 35mm Film

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  • Are you forever losing your rolls of 35mm film or scrambling around to grab the next one? Or maybe you would like better protection for your valuable rolls? And if you're travelling then those little rolls of gold usually require additional care when you are travelling to far-flung places.

    This Film Box is the perfect solution! It holds ten rolls of 35mm film safe and snug. It is made out of sturdy crush proof plastic and keeps your films extremely safe and all in one place! The clean simple design is ready for you to customize to your heart's content while the tight seal lid keeps out the nasty light and dust bugs so harmful to film.

    The bundle "Film Box + 3 rolls of films" includes:

    Agfa Vista Plus 100 35mm Film
    FujiFilm FujiColor C200 (35mm) Color Negative Film
    Fomapan 100ASA 35mm

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