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  • FujiFilm Velvia 100F (120) Color Slide Film
    FujiFilm Velvia 100F (120) Color Slide Film

FujiFilm Velvia 100F (120) Color Slide Film


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  • FUJICHROME Velvia 100F Professional is an ISO 100 daylight-type color reversal film for professional use. In addition to providing the world??s highest level of color saturation and color fidelity, this film boasts a speed rating of ISO 100 and an RMS granularity
    of 8, which is equivalent to that of PROVIA 100F. The result is a film that is ideally suited for a wide range of subjects which demand highly saturated colors and high image quality, from nature and landscape photography to commercial, product and interior photography.
    Photographic examples of this film from flickr:
    Sample images of Velvia 100F from flickr
    Here is FujiFilm's official datasheet on Velvia 100F:
    Official Datasheet for Velvia 100F
    • Super Fine Grain
    • Excellent Push/Pull ability up to 2 stops
    • Color Reproduction with Ultra-high Color Saturation

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