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  • Revolog Kolor Film Label
    Revolog Kolor Film Label
  • Revolog Kolor Film 35mm Sample 1
    Revolog Kolor Film 35mm Sample 1
  • Revolog Kolor Film 35mm Sample 2
    Revolog Kolor Film 35mm Sample 2

Revolog Kolor 35mm Film

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  • Who said 'Film was Dead'? Revolog are developing brand new films with some of the most creative effects you have ever seen. Now you can shoot some of the most amazing images ever straight in your camera without faking it in software. You can even apply your own usual tricks of double exposing or cross-processing to get an even wackier effect. All Revolog film is developed like regular C-41 (Color negative) film at your usual lab.

    This Revolog Kolor film changes the colour of the picture, but the effect differs a little all the time. You'll have gradients from red to blue, orange, green, pink, turquoise, etc. Underexposure will make the effect stronger whereas overexposure will make it less strong.
    • Film Type: Color Negative
    • Film Format: 35mm
    • Exposures: 36 Exposures
    • ISO/ASA: 100
    1. How do I develop this new type of film?
    2. You can use the a regular film processing lab and the normal development of colour negative film to process all the different types of Revolog film.

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