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  • Polaroid SX-70 Model Two Instant Camera
    Polaroid SX-70 Model Two Instant Camera
  • Polaroid SX-70 Model Two Instant Camera
    Polaroid SX-70 Model Two Instant Camera

Polaroid SX-70 Model Two Instant Camera

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  • One of the most desirable cameras of the last century is now available on HolgaDirect! Created by Edwin Land at Polaroid the SX-70 camera was used by some of the true photography legends such as Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, and Walker Evans. The SX-70 was featured as number 13 in the Top 50 Cameras of all time as judged by Photography Monthly magazine.

    This Model Two series SX-70 was manufactured between 1973 to 1975 and has been refurbished to complete working standards. The folding mechanism is considered by many to be a masterful feat of design and engineering meaning the camera not only takes fantastic images it looks just as awesome just sitting on your desk or bookshelf. Each camera comes with a One Year Warranty.

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  • SX-70 Model Two Camera Specs

    • Manufacture Date: 1973-1975
    • Size (when folded): 17.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm
    • Focus: Manual via geared wheel with close focus of approx. 10.4inches (26.4cm)
    • Lens Type: 4-Element 116mm f/8 Glass Lens
    • Aperture: f/8 to f/22
    • Exposure times: 1/175s to more than 10s
    • Shutter: Automatic variable speed/aperture shutter system
    • Batteries: Not needed as they are integrated in the film packs
    • Film: Uses Impossible PX100 or PX70 film as well as PX600 when using an ND filter (sold seperately)
      1. Is this for real?
    It certainly is! We recently discovered a veritable treasure trove of SX-70's being painstakingly refurbished one by one and by professional engineers. The level of workmanship is second to none in making sure these cameras work great when purchased. We are so confident about this that we can offer a One Year Warranty on each camera.

      1. Great Camera but where can I buy the film?
    The awesome folks at 'The Impossible Project' have come up with a range of delicious and interesting films that are compatible with the SX-70. We will also hopefully be stocking some of this film online in the HolgaDirect store.

      1. What's the deal with the warranty?
    Each camera has been carefully restored to full working order. We will provide a one-year warranty against any fault developing. Please note this does not cover accidental damage or through misuse of the camera for a use other than it was intended. Although we cannot offer refunds for cameras we will replace a faulty one with another restored model.
  • Isn't this just the COOLEST thing you have ever seen!

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