Model Codes

Essentially the Holga model codes can be deciphered quite easily once you know what each letter or combination of letters signifies. Here are letter codes currently in use:

Code E.g. Meaning
110 110 110 as in the 110 film format that these models use
120 120S 120 as in the 120 film format that these models use
135 135 135 as in 35mm film format that these models use
S 120S “S” as in Standard. The very first Holga was the 120S
N 120N “N” as in New. The replacement for the 120S was the 120N
F 120FN “F” as in Flash. These models all feature a built-in Flash
G 120GN “G” as in Glass. These models replace the plastic lens with glass
CF 120CFN “CF” as in Color Flash. These models feature a built-in Color Flash
PC 120PC “PC” as in Pinhole Camera. These models operate using the pinhole method
W 120WPC “W” as in Wide. These models have a wider than normal or panoramic view.
BC 135BC “BC” as in Bent/Black Corners. These models have a special black corner mask
TLR 120TLR “TLR” as in Twin Lens Reflex with dual lenses
3D 120-3D “3D” as in Stereo. Allows 3D images to be taken & viewed with a special viewer

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